Review: Not a Drop to Drink

Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

This book was not perfect, but it was pretty great. I've heard mostly negative to mixed reviews, and so I was a little nervous to read it. But the premise seemed interesting to me.


This is a post-apocalyptic story about a future USA where water has become a very scarce resource. Meaning if you are fortunate enough to have a source of water, you would die to defend it. Without it you would be dead before long anyway. Lynn lives on a farm with her mother and they have a pond to defend.


Lynn was such a compelling protagonist, I was hanging onto nearly every word of this story. It took a few chapters for it to really pick up for me, because there was minimal dialogue and a ton of description, there just wasn't really anything going on. But once it grabbed my attention, it refused to let go. It is not 1st person narration, but it is 3rd person from Lynn's perspective. And what a fascinating perspective it is. She was equal parts naive innocent and tough as nails independent. She may not have known much about men, and nothing at all about sex. But by the time she was sixteen years old she had done her fair share of killing.


My biggest complaint is that if you're going to have an Epilogue, it should be fairly specific. Meaning, there is an epilogue at the end of this story that is set in the future, but the author doesn't really explain how the society that they have set up works.


Also, an Epilogue is traditionally the universal sign of this story is over. This book was great and was wrapped up in a very satisfactory way. There is NO NEED for a sequel. Yes, I will read it because I want to see what becomes of these characters. But I'm disappointed that there is a sequel. This would have made a really great stand alone.