Unleashed by Sophie Jordan

Unleashed - Sophie Jordan

I went into this book assuming this series was going to be a trilogy, but apparently this is the second and last book in this series. Which is fine. Everything that really needed to be resolved was resolved so I have no real cause for complaint.


This book starts out with Davy and her friends on the run. They get separated and she finds herself on her own and winds up with a resistance group full of carriers. I can't really say much more without spoilers.


Davy began this book an emotionally damaged mess as a result of the murder she committed in the first book in order to save Sean. She is traumatized, guilt-ridden, and full of self-loathing. This made her character kind of annoying and a little difficult to read at times for the majority of the book. But she does eventually reach a point in this book where she comes to accept herself and forgive herself for the things she has done.

I was annoyed by the fact that in both books of this series she constantly needed to be rescued by a guy. This was a little stereotypical for me. There were a few situations she was able to get herself out of on her own. However, a male needed to save her more than once in each of this books which became a little tedious.



*spoiler alert*


It became clear pretty quickly into this one that there was a love triangle coming. I don't hate love triangles. They can be compelling and well written. But this became a change in love interest, which I thought was a pretty risky move on Sophie Jordan's part. You definitely don't normally see that in YA. I was accepting of the change, though I think this might partly be because I read Uninvited so long ago that I didn't feel any particular emotional attachment to the relationship between Davy and Sean. Perhaps if Uninvited were fresher in my mind I would have felt differently. I don't think so though. At the end of the day, our first love isn't always our last love and that is much more realistic than the standard YA depiction of love. Even when there is a love triangle, however brief, the protagonist normally ends up with the first person they had feelings for and that isn't always how life goes. I know that this has several lower ratings as a result of the romantic situation, but I appreciate the risk.


This series is intriguing and action packed. I read this book in one day, I really couldn't put it down. The damsel in distress bits were a bit annoying, but all in all this was an interesting, original series.