A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd

A Cold Legacy (Madman's Daughter) - Megan Shepherd

I have heard so many mixed reviews on this book that I was a little nervous to read it. But I loved the first two, so I knew reading this one was a must.


Overall I'm pleased with how this trilogy ended. Juliet really grew as a character in this one and became her own person. I was really pleased with her progression throughout the entire series, but particularly in this installment.


Lucy really grew on me in this book. I've always found her to be incredibly superficial and annoying. It was nice to see some positive attributes from her. She was also much stronger than I ever would have given her credit for, which was a nice surprise.


Montgomery still remained a pretty one dimensional character for me. I don't think he had as much depth or complexity as he should have throughout this series, especially in this book. I was looking for much more character development for him and it just didn't happen. I legitimately don't understand why Juliet was in love with him, beyond superficial reasons.


Edward on the other hand, that poor guy. I've always loved and sympathized with his character so much. I think the story and overall series would have benefited from their not being a love triangle and no romantic feelings between Edward and Lucy. I really preferred him with Juliet over Montgomery. And not just because Montgomery is super boring.


As I said previously, I really appreciate the way this trilogy ended. I felt that Juliet made all the right decisions in the end. This remained every bit as dark and creepy as the other installments. And I enjoyed every minute of it.