You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

You Were Mine - Abbi Glines

I have enjoyed all of the Rosemary Beach books. I absolutely loved Rush and Blaire's books. I really loved Wood's and Della's. Grant and Harlow's were good. This one was decent. What I'm getting at: I think this series is getting progressively worse. That's not to say this book was bad, because it wasn't. I just think it could have been better.


Let me just say that I really like Bethy and Tripp as characters, and I also like them together.


Now onto the issues: the flashback chapters stopped abruptly before they even covered any of the most significant parts of Bethy and Tripp's history together. All of those moments were either remembered by one of the characters at some point in the story, or mentioned by them in conversation. It just seemed odd to me.


The ending was rushed and wrapped up very quickly. There wasn't a satisfying sense of closure for me since Tripp and Bethy are only getting one book instead of two. I could have definitely used an epilogue.


But what bothered me the most: the sex. Obviously these books are going to have it. It's going to happen. It's mature romance. But I don't read books for that. Im married, I'm good on that front. I read books for the story. And I have romance books that are either all about the sex with no story or all about the sex with little story. So much of this book was sex or them being physically attracted to each other, etc. I just thought it was a little much.


I'm not sure if I'll read Mase's story. I don't know that I care enough about him as a character. But I also thought the same thing about Tripp and Bethy's story before I actually read it. Besides, I care about all of these other yahoos, so we'll see what happens.