Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

Withering Hope - Layla Hagen

This book exceeded my expectations. I am frequently disappointed in the cheap romance books that I stumble across on Amazon, but this one was a very pleasant surprise. The writing was not great, but I think the price is appropriate for what you get.


Aimee and Tristan are just too perfect together. I really appreciated that they both had obstacles in their past that they had to overcome and also continue to struggle with. I was nervous to discover Tristan's deep dark secret because I was afraid it would be something genuinely worrisome. That he had done something truly horrible or something like that. But I really liked him so I'm glad that was not the case.


I really am not a fan of infidelity-type novels as a general rule. But this one was very well done. You could clearly see that Tristan had genuine feelings for Aimee before all of this even happened to them. And Aimee, while she loved her fiancé, was not passionately in love with him. Who doesn't want a little passion in her life? I appreciated that Aimee and Tristan didn't just jump straight into a physical relationship with each other, they actually waited what you would consider to be an appropriate amount of time given their situation.


The ending of this book was so amazing. I wasn't really expecting that ending at all, but it was a very pleasant surprise. I stayed up until 3am finishing this book when I had to get up at 7 the next day. I don't recommend starting this one close to your bedtime.