If I Break by Portia Moore

If I Break - Portia Moore

I will start by acknowledging the fact that there are a few typos in this book series. Most of the negative reviews I'm seeing call massive attention to this. For me personally, I read a lot of indie novels and typos are somewhat common. It can be distracting. But in the grand scheme of things, this book doesn't have nearly as many of them as some others that I've read. So I will not hold that against the author. The only time I do is when there are MANY of them, which was not the case here.


This book starts out like many other romances. You have the young college student meeting the rich older man and instantly sparks fly. Naturally they are both gorgeous.


Lauren comes off as a very weak character throughout the majority of this book. Cal comes off as a total asshole throughout the majority of this book. She constantly allegedly wants to leave him, but she never honestly does anything to achieve this. He neglects her and their marriage without providing any explanation. At the same time, Lauren knew this was the case before she married him. He didn't change this about himself once they were married, so I found her treatment of him in this regard to be unfair.


I think this book would have been better had the story been told chronologically instead of jumping between the past and the present. For some stories this works, but I didn't think it did in this one. There would have been more emotional impact for me had this been told chronologically.


Obviously this whole book was leading up to Cal's secret bring revealed. When it was, I thought it was preposterous. I was incredibly glad this was free and that I didn't have to pay for it. I wouldn't have continued with this series, except for the fact that the characters in the story acknowledged that it was ridiculous. It was clearly a tongue in cheek way for the author to acknowledge that she thought this storyline would come off silly. Which it did. But the fact that the characters in this story made fun of the plot within the story made me appreciate it more.


All that said, I did continue with this series and was very glad that I did.