Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

Dirty Red - Tarryn Fisher

Leah is such a crazy bitch. I thought Olivia was twisted in The Opportunist, but she does not hold a candle to Leah. I don't think I've ever read a book from the perspective of a character that was such a horrible person.


Olivia's missteps and mistakes are from a place of loving Caleb but not deeming herself worthy of being loved in return. Olivia is more of an internally twisted character. Leah, on the other hand, will do absolutely anything necessary to get Caleb. She will hurt everybody and anybody who gets in her way and not even think twice about it.


With Olivia, it seemed pretty clear that she genuinely didn't know better and couldn't help herself from doing certain things. Leah is cold and calculating. She is aware every single thing she says and does and it is all done with a purpose. She is selfish, manipulative, conniving, and EASILY the worst person of this messed up trio.


Just when I thought perhaps there was some semblance of character growth happening, she pulls the last line in this book and made me hate her more than ever.


I sort of felt bad for her at certain points, especially scenes that detailed her family situation. But she knew exactly where she stood with Caleb and exactly what she was getting into with him. She knew the rules of the game going on, but thought she'd always be able to pull Caleb's strings and make him dance. She's so crazy that I honestly wouldn't have been surprised by her murdering Caleb, Olivia, or even Estella. She is just that batshit crazy. Then again there is another book, so maybe there will be a murder.


I cannot wait to see where the third book of this trilogy will go.