Thief by Tarry Fisher

Thief - Tarryn Fisher

This book made me feel all the feels. It was so intense and emotional. I flew through this trilogy within a few days because I just could not stop reading it.


Leah was even crazier than she seemed previously, which is pretty freaking hard to believe. I wanted something terrible to happen to her. I also wanted to have a few more answers as far as her storyline was concerned. But crazy is as crazy does, I suppose.


Olivia and Caleb had one hell of a journey. These two grew so much as individuals and in relation to each other. I loved the constant references of all of the main parts of their love story throughout their long history. It was so different and interesting seeing all of this from Caleb's perspective. It was nice getting to see things from his view and to understand his thought processes in many of these scenes.


I was super pissed when we discover what Olivia actually walked in on that initially drove her and Caleb apart. Knowing the truth, I wanted to punch Caleb in his stupid face for not going after her. They wasted so much time that could have been spent together. It was so annoying that it was all over a misunderstanding. Then again, everything is a misunderstanding with these two.


I was disappointed in certain aspects of the end of this book. I thought these characters deserved more. They had been through enough and I was left with the impression that a lifetime of sadness is what's in store for them (same way I felt about the Mockingjay epilogue). So that was a bit of a downer.


Tarryn Fisher is such an amazing writer. She is able to manipulate her reader's emotions with nearly every word on the page. You know as you read these books that you're feeling exactly how she wants you to feel at every turn. She also doesn't feel the need to give you every single detail in a scene (where characters are standing at all times, that they sit in a chair, etc) unless it's pertinent. She also doesn't include every single word in most conversations. I loved this. It made these scenes have so much more of an emotional impact because she wasn't suffocating you with insignificant details. She focused on the meat of the story and that's all you get.


Overall I loved this series. It made me happy, sad, anxious, pissed off. What more could you ask for in a book?