Fairest by Marissa Meyer

Fairest - Marissa Meyer

I want to re-read this series now. I read them all so long ago that I feel like I don't remember all that much. I also think if I did re-read them I would pay a little more attention to Levana. Basically every massive Lunar plan/conspiracy mentioned in the first three books are all ideas you see spawned/implemented within this novella. If I re-read the books, I think I would pay more attention to the details about her and the references that she makes. Also, I am curious if she continued to use the Sol influenced glamour because I don't really remember how she is described in the books in terms of specific features.


This novella did make me understand Levana a little better. Not sympathize with her, just understand her. Channary was pretty evil and Levana definitely made a better Queen that her in a certain sense, you couldn't really argue with her there. Levana was just always so twisted. I don't really think anything specifically made her that way, I just think it's how she and her sister turned out. It was clear their parents weren't good people and neither were they. But I'm not sure they would have necessarily had any possibility of turning out any other way.


To be honest, one of my biggest thoughts is that Cinder was lucky to have gotten away. Even though she didn't choose that, obviously. To have been raised by such a horrible person for a mother and to be around such terrible people in general, who knows how she would have turned out. I don't think she would have stood a chance.


The whole relationship with Evret was incredibly awful and uncomfortable. It definitely demonstrated how selfish and manipulative Levana's nature truly is. And also how little understanding she has of simple decent feelings, such as love, having never genuinely experienced love or many other good feelings during her life.


This showed that Levana is willing to go to very extreme lengths to achieve her ends. Which has me more excited than ever to see what Winter (the book not the character, but her also) has in store for all of our favorites. It will be epic. I don't want to wait nine more months!