The Treatment by Suzanne Young

The Treatment - Suzanne Young

Before I begin I will preface my review by saying my thoughts about this book are all over the place. I will try my best to organize them somewhat, but this review still might be all over the place.


This book was awesome, this series was superb. I'm actually sad that it's over and almost wish it would have been a trilogy. In no way is that meant to indicate that this conclusion was anything other than satisfying, because it was. I just loved this world so much. It was so well built in the first book and that really carried over into this one. This entire series was non-stop and is guaranteed to make you feel ALL the feels. I did not cry, which isn't unusual for me, but there are some scenes in each of these books that may induce some tears.


Sloane and James continued to be adorable and heartbreaking all at the same time. I really loved the way their relationship grew in this installment. Even though it was sometimes heartbreaking, I love that they never stopped making promises to each other that they both knew they may not be able to keep. They both matured so much throughout these books and their relationship matured with them. I just love them so much.


Dallas and Cas were interesting additions to this series. Of course Dallas' story was heart wrenching and disturbing. I (like Sloane) was never entirely sure what to make of either of them and was always unsure whether or not they were trustworthy. It was nice to see both Sloane and James be guarded around them and playing it really smart when it came to their time spent all together. There's nothing worse than reading about characters that you love doing really stupid shit and making incredibly stupid mistakes. But that did not really happen at all in these books.


Realm. Where to start with Realm. What a prick. I thought that the secret he was keeping from Sloane from the first book was bad enough. Reading about what he had done to a certain other character in the past made me absolutely hate him. Seriously. What an asshole. The way he kept trying to come between Sloane and James was also incredibly frustrating. He was so convinced that he loved her more than James and would make better decisions regarding her welfare than James does. I was evicted to see him when he first popped up in this book, then after a few paragraphs I just wanted him to go away.


I was surprised and most displeased to see Roger again in this book. I hoped he was gone forever. No such luck. He's probably the only character in this series that I hate more than Realm.


I'm sure I'll come back and add more to this later. That's all I can come up with at the moment that wouldn't spoil this book or series for people.