Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

This was pretty good. I didn't like it quite as much as the first one, but it was still a good installment. I kind of feel like there didn't need to be a third book. Most everything is pretty wrapped up at the end of this one, it seems.


The death was really emotional, actually. It nearly made me cry, which isn't common. All in all it made this book pretty depressing. There was so much build up to it, it was rough.


I loved getting to know more about the angel-bloods. That was cool. There was much more religious mythology in this one than in the first book, but I thought that might happen going into this one. So that wasn't all that surprising.


It was cool getting to learn more about Jeffrey and his purpose. It explained quite a few things from both of the books so far.


Even though I'm not sure it's necessary, I'm going to move onto the third book.